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Most of the products used in Stitchy Kitty designs can be purchased at your favorite needlework shop. However, if your shop doesn't carry a particular product you're looking for, you may contact the supplier directly and ask for assistance.

Supplier Listing

Crescent Colours
Makers of Crescent Colours, fine quality hand-dyed floss.

The Gentle Art
Makers of Gentle Art Sampler Threads, 6-strand overdyed cotton floss.  Featuring soft and subtle colors that are just beautiful!

Just Another Button Company

Makers of fun and whimsical buttons for all types of needlework.  The best thing about their buttons is that the design goes all the way through the button, so you can flip them over and use either side - for example, a cat button can face left or right! 

Source for metallic blending filament, braids, cords, glow-in-the-dark threads, and more.

Needle Necessities
** Please note that Needle Necessities closed their doors in 2007.
However, many of their floss colors have been duplicated and are now available from a new floss supplier called ThreadworX.
If you are in need of a Needle Necessities floss to complete a Stitchy Kitty design and your favorite needlework shop no longer has any left in stock, please contact ThreadworX directly and they will direct you to needlework shops that carry their floss.

Here are two floss conversion charts that will show you the correct ThreadworX floss to replace a Needle Necessities floss:

Needle Necessities to ThreadworX Conversion Chart

ThreadworX to Needle Necessities Conversion Chart

Poppy Kreations
Makers of fun and whimsical hand-painted wood frames.  Poppy Kreations makes unique frames to match many designer's patterns, including Stitchy Kitty.

Rainbow Gallery
Source for Wisper threads, Fuzzy Stuff, and many other wonderful specialty fibers.

The Thread Gatherer
Makers of Silk 'N Colors (12-ply, 100% Silk floss) and other gorgeous hand dyed threads and ribbons.  If you've never stitched with 100% silk fibers before, you don't know what you're missing!  They're a dream to stitch with because they just glide through the fabric, and they have a beautiful sheen to them that gives your needlework that 'something special'!

ThreadworX is a floss company specializing in overdyed, spacedyed, and shadowdyed threads. They recently took over the floss line from Needle Necessities, who went out of business in 2007. For a conversion chart from Needle Necessities to ThreadworX floss, please see the Needle Necessities link above.

Weeks Dye Works
Makers of Weeks Dye Works overdyed threads.  Many wonderful colors to choose from!

Wichelt Imports
Source for all types of high quality needlework fabrics.

Source for all types of high quality needlework fabrics.

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