Stitchy Kitty the "business" is a fun needlework design company that was officially started in January 2002. Stitchy Kitty specializes in counted cross stitch designs that center around the holidays, pets, family, the seasons, and all those other "witty, wacky, and whimsical" occasions in life that are special and meaningful to everyone!

Many of Stitchy Kitty's designs are made to bring a smile (or even a chuckle or two!) to those who stitch them, as well as to those who receive them as gifts. I hope you enjoy stitching Stitchy Kitty designs, and that they bring a little humor and whimsy into your life, as well!

Stitchy Kitty
the "designer"
is me, Michelle Lutzen! I first discovered stitching years ago when I happened across a wonderful little needlework shop in Old Town Fredericksburg, Virginia (where I was living at the time.) I marveled at all the beautiful kits and charts they had on display, as well as at all the gorgeous fibers and embellishments! After browsing the shop for several hours, I decided to give cross stitching a try (mind you, the only previous experience I had with stitching was sewing on a missing button or two!) So I took a chance and purchased a tiny kit by Graphworks International of a little white rabbit. That kit was my first introduction to My very first cross-stitch project!stitching and I've been hooked ever since! (Though I shudder whenever I look at some of my very first projects - I didn't even cross all my X's in the same direction!)

Several years later as I became more skilled at stitching, I began to change other designer's charts to suit my tastes, not only replacing the fibers and fabrics with my own choices, but also redesigning portions of the designs themselves.  Soon I was itching to learn how to design my own charts, so I began searching the Internet for information on cross-stitching, needlework design, and starting a needlework business.  Since I had a background in humorous illustration and cartooning from years of freelancing in my spare time (and a couple of years at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, Canada) I felt I could translate the humorous style of my cartoons and illustrations into needlework.   I wanted to create whimsical, fun designs that would be easy to stitch and could appeal to stitchers of all ages. I also wanted to create designs that reflected some of the things that I enjoy so much in life: the holidays, the seasons, animals and pets, and family.

So, after about a year of researching needlework design and learning as much as I could about starting a business, as well as working on my first designs and stitching the models (and working full-time to boot!), my needlework design company "Stitchy Kitty" was born!

Stitchy Kitty the "kitty" is none other than my rambunctious Tabby cat named "Tyger", who was the inspiration for the name of my business as well as its logo. Now I admit, I have yet to catch my "stitchy kitty" actually stitching, but there have been many times where he's tried to get his paws on my stash! He's always on the lookout for any stray pieces of floss I may accidentally leave around, and he constantly tries to steal my attention away from model stitching so I can give him a nice, long "kitty massage"! He also enjoys lying underneath my Ott task light - even though the lamp gives off no heat whatsoever! - and will jump at the chance to curl up and take a littleTyger seems to be a little camera shy! cat nap on top of any charts I may leave on the couch after I've gotten up to get a snack.

While Tyger isn't as round and chubby as the kitty in the logo (though with the way he scarfs down his food, it's only a matter of time!), he does have a crazy way of sitting in chairs and often sits with his furry belly protruding out and his feet pointed every which way, just like in the logo!  He is a constant inspiration for many of my designs, as well as a wonderful companion to me as I spend many a night and weekend working on my designs.



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